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Quality Assurance for your supplements

Quality Assurance and Control for your supplements


You are completely committed to marketing your products, but you still have to guarantee the constant quality of the outsourced products. It is our job to accompany you on this ground. We take care of your Quality Assurance function and manage the Quality Control of your productions.

This support includes :

  • – Writing a specification for each of your references
  • – Writing of a HACCP argument (Risk Analysis) for each reference with justification of the selected analyzes
  • – Writing a batch folder template (accompanying each production)
  • – Management of the Ingredients specifications register (exhaustive inventory of all the necessary certificates for each raw material: allergens, GMO, Irradiation, MSDS, CoA, …)
  • – Creation of the release certificate template accompanying each batch produced.


  1. Extensive experience in Quality Systems Management

  2. A clear and transparently organized management information system

  3. Direct access to all your Quality documents

  4. The serenity of a Quality System mastered by professionals


Legisana ensures this efficient approach! Our teams have a permanent foot on both sides of the French-Belgian border and ensure you a perfect knowledge of current legislation !
Food supplements are an area where hard knowledge of national laws is not enough !! Indeed, it is still necessary to be able to correctly interpret them! Establish a constant dialogue with the authorities to know precisely the tolerances, the derogations, the flexibility of the allegations that can be granted.


” Fisher specializes in dietary supplements through these own brands, and in today’s world where everything is regulated, the field of dietary supplements is not spared and small and large businesses need it. visibility.
To gain this visibility you need advice, guidance and expertise but also experience and technical expertise.
Fisher has decided to collaborate with LEGISANA for all the points mentioned above. LEGISANA’s expertise, experience and flexibility allow us to
better adapt to the regulatory level and steer us better in the market. “
Firouzfar Reza,
administrator, Fisher