Business skill – Auditing

Audit your suppliers

Let’s carry out your supplier audits together


As in the majority of cases, you are not the producer of your products but you place subcontracted orders. Very often, only one or two samples of the batch ordered arrive in your office, most of your order transiting directly from the manufacturer to your logistician.

How can you be sure of the quality of your productions? We propose to take charge of your Quality Control. The whole process is of course supported by the drafting of the ad hoc procedures and the management of a daily monitoring dashboard.


  1. Quality control carried out by professionals with 20 years of experience in this field

  2. The tranquility compared to the respect of your Quality

  3. The assurance of mastering the work done by your subcontractors

  4. A dynamic and responsive team that will bring you real solutions


For each order :

  • Claim to the fabricator a complete batch file.
  • Check the conformity of the batch file with the specifications drawn up and signed.
  • Complete the production tracking record with all the key information.
  • Validate the certificate of analysis and, if necessary, outsource the required analyzes.
  • Receive samples produced (Quality Control, batch, expiry date, organoleptic characters).
  • Management of supplier complaints and record keeping Complaints.
  • Storage of samples (expiry date + 1 year)
  • Issue of a discharge certificate for each lot produced.
  • Secure computer archiving of all documents.
  • Instant availability for your teams.

=> Official release of the manufactured batch

If you also wish to entrust us with the drafting of the various Quality Assurance documents, please refer to our “Assurance” business skill page.