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Designing your supplements

Let’s formulate your supplements together


The world of dietary supplements is evolving !! The legislative constraints multiply, whether at the national level or obviously at the European level !
Nonetheless, there are many laws on dietary supplements that remain, above all, a national competence !
Which plant? What nutrient? In which country ? Every country with or without its declaration or registration procedure! You sprinkle everything with nutrition and health claims that are harmonized at European level !
And you get a big bag of knots in which to navigate requires a lot of skill and experience !


  1. A quick and available contact

  2. A clear, precise and supported answer

  3. Des compétences disponibles là où vous en avez besoin

  4. The serenity of a product compliying with the laws in force


Today, thinking about designing a new product has to be done well in advance !
  • What is my product idea?
  • What is my population target?
  • With a specific ingredient supported by studies?
  • But mostly! What can I say?
  • Who can develop this formula?
  • Who can track my productions to ensure compliance in terms of Quality?
  • Who can give me the mandatory information for my label?
  • Who can write my sales pitch?
  • Who can register my product with the authorities?
  • Who can re-read my website?
  • Who can train my sales teams?
So many questions where the legisana team can guide you, engage with you to bring you real answers.
You can then focus on the marketing of your products, we ensure, in collaboration with your teams, the entire formulation, compliance and without forgetting the scientific and regulatory watch to guarantee products always compliant with the laws and regulations. the tip of innovation !