Business skill – Drafting

Write your arguments

Let’s write together your communication


Today, all of your communication, paper or digital, if it is aimed at consumers, must respect the European legislation on nutrition and health claims. As you can read on our blog, the authorities’ controls are multiplying and taking unprepared for many operators.

Moreover, in France, controls at the level of arguments and allegations are made a posteriori, that is to say when the products are already on the market, which of course causes a lot of inconvenience! Withdrawals … fines … impact on corporate image ….
We propose to write, proofread, correct all of your communication in order to bring it in line with all the requirements.


  1. The serenity of promises of sale in accordance with the laws in force.

  2. A clear and precise dialogue: I can or I can not

  3. Extensive research on plant claims