Business skill – Monitoring

Monitoring your supplements

Ensure your scientific and regulatory watch



Our aim is not to propose a comprehensive database of all horizontal, vertical and specific food supplements or food legislation, but to provide you, in predigested form, with useful and necessary information in relation to the composition of your products.
The great interest of this pre-analysis lies in the fact that you do not need to engage, internally, scientific profiles to interpret such databases.

We offer an automated, personalized service that directly synthesizes the relevant information the customer needs, only the one that concerns his own products.

Your need is specific and requires expertise in watchkeeping?

We work with our partner Digistri – Digital Strategic Intelligence to meet your needs


  1. To receive only relevant information about your concerns

  2. The serenity of always being aware of the latest developments concerning your products

  3. To be able to anticipate the decisions of reformulation or production to take

  4. To guarantee your image with the authorities and consumers


The complete formula of your product is analyzed and encoded, ingredients by ingredients and up to the excipients, in our database.
We assure you, for you, every day an active watch as well regulatory as on the plane R & D and that for all the ingredients which are found in your products.
As soon as a legislative change is announced, we immediately send you an alert report allowing you to anticipate decisions, to better manage your stocks of finished products and packaging with, as a final goal, products always in compliance with the required legislation.

The changes we’re following can affect:

  • In the R & D domain: a new asset is available in the target of your product, we keep you informed.
  • In the regulatory field: a new standard will impact the specifications of one of your ingredients or excipients.
  • In the area of ​​claims: A new claim is available for your product and may allow better communication, more targeted towards your consumers.