Finding a way through the food labelling maze ?

Finding a way through the food labelling maze ?

New INCO regulation
Since December 2014, the new INCO legislation concerning food labelling has moved into the limelight! Dietary supplement labelling is therefore governed by two regulations, RE 1169/2011 concerning labelling arrangements in themselves, and RE 1924/2006 concerning particularly claims that may be made about a given product, all underpinned by directive 2002/46, which precisely defines dietary supplement status.
And the effects of all the modifications that they engender are just starting to be felt!!

Clearer communication towards the consumer
This is an essential aspect of all the food legislation in force as it concerns, first and foremost, the unique and special relationship between a manufacturer and his final consumer!
This legislation is a praiseworthy initiative in that it demands greater clarity concerning product composition and allergens and a more moderate approach to communicating the promises made about such and such a product.

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The end of the transition periods
The planned transition periods are now gradually coming to an end and the first warnings are beginning to arrive concerning non-compliant labelling and/or misleading promises!!
Bearing in mind the fines that may be incurred and the risk to brand image, these aspects, which are essential to the creation of a good product, must now be overseen by a professional!

Let the experts guide you!
How do I find my way through the food labelling maze? What do I do about these new constraints on opportunities to stand out from the competition?
Use Planet Pharma to guide you intelligently through this new maze!