Legisana, a well-known and recognized company

Legisana is a consulting agency specialized in food supplements

Legisana / Planet Pharma was created in 1997 by Gilles Gernaey, pharmacist.

At the same time, in 1997, he also created a laboratory for the production of food supplements </ strong>, bringing his skills as a formulator, his knowledge of the ingredients and the Belgian and European legislation governing this sector.

In the field of quality, in 2005, he and his team obtained for this production company an ISO 22.000 certification for the European premiere </ strong>.

From 2005 to 2009, he chairs the Belgian Federation of Food Supplements (NAREDI) </ strong> and represents Belgium at European level ( EHPM </ strong>), which gives him a general view challenges that await this sector for years to come.

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Legisana, 6 business skills at your service

New concept ? range extension ? validate the potential and compliance of your future products ?

Legisana offers today to put its skills acquired over the past 20 years, serving your company, bringing us conviviality, flexibility and professionalism to imagine , save , even put into production your food supplements.
In addition, Legisana also supports the writing of your sales pitches to bring them into compliance with the regulations governing nutritional or health claims (see our business “ Write “).
In addition, you can also call on the services of Legisana to set up your Quality Assurance and manage your Quality Control ( Insure and Audit ).
Finally, it is with great pleasure that you will benefit from its daily scientific and regulatory watch ( Monitor ).

In summary, Legisana offers you an innovative solution for carrying skills in the field of food supplements.

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We are seasoned and respectful professionals

Trust and respect are among the founding pillars of our business

The values ​​of trust and respect are essential for our fulfillment, they are intimately linked to the satisfaction of our customers.

For over 20 years, the field of food supplements is our daily life, we are passionate and the discovery of new substances, new studies enriches us intellectually a little more each day …

We thrive thanks to the daily exchanges with our customers to whom we wish to provide a global service. We can meet your expectations at any stage of your development process! Let’s start with a blank sheet or on the contrary, your product is already on the market and you just want to bring it into compliance with the new legislation …

Challenge us!

Hope to meet you !

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